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Part of the international on-road market for more than 15 years with an exclusive hydrostatic transmission for trucks, Poclain Group decided in 2013 to enter the automotive market and created a dedicated subsidiary: Poclain Powertrain.

Addidrive 2 cars in one... for everyone

The mission of Poclain Powertrain is to develop, industrialize and market the Addidrive system, an innovative hydraulic AWD transmission for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In order to carry out this mission, Poclain Powertrain has gathered all the necessary resources and skills to meet customers’ expectations.

Research & Development

Research & Development

To answer the automotive requirements, Research and Development teams of Poclain Powertrain use specialists from Poclain Group, with their international hydraulic expertise, as well as highly qualified consultants and professionals from the automotive industry.

Automotive tools and software:

  • 2D / 3D CAO: CATIA (Dassault Systems), Creo (PTC)
  • Finite element calculation: Patran/Marc (MSC)
  • 1D system simulation: LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim (LMS)
  • CFD / 3D simulation: Adams (MSC)
  • Acoustic: Head Acoustics instrumentation and ArtemiS suite
Testing Resources

Testing Resources

As a specialist of hydrostatic transmissions, Poclain Powertrain is equipped with all testing resources required to design and validate hydraulic components and transmissions. In addition, a specific automotive test bench dedicated to Addidrive development will be put into service in 2016.

Vehicles and test drive facility

Vehicles and test drive facility

Poclain Powertrain owns vehicles equipped with the Addidrive transmission for prototyping and demonstrations purposes. A private test drive facility allows the use of a range of extremely varied test rigs combined with test tracks suitable for passenger cars.

  • Concrete and low grip slopes
  • Grass, mud and sand areas
  • Asphalt ring
  • Forest path
Gold trophy

On 10 September 2015, 60 international journalists from the EQUIPAUTO International Awards for Automotive Innovation awarded the Gold Trophy to Addidrive™ In the ‘OEM – New Technologies’ category.

Addidrive mobility solution

The mobility solution for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Addidrive is dedicated to all customers who share a growing need for traction, at a more affordable price than traditional 4X4 solutions.

addidrive broader horizon

Addidrive is a mobility offer accessible to the mass market that provides a solution to the difficulties frequently encountered worldwide by many drivers, regardless of the weather conditions and road surface, their level of experience, or simply their desire for adventure.

Inspired by Poclain’s strong experience in hydraulic transmissions, Addidrive brings major benefits to automotive manufacturers and opens up new horizons for drivers all over the world.

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