Working with us

At Poclain Hydraulics since: 2008

France - Slovakia - Slovenia

"I joined Poclain in 2008, after 7 years spent in Automotive industry, where I had my first opportunity to work abroad (in SlovAKIA). Within Poclain Hydraulics I started as Procurement leader in Verberie Plant, in 2011, I had the big honour to be recruited within the Group to lead “Procure to Pay” domain for our new ERP implementation all around the World. And in 2014, I was offered a new Challenge : to go back to Operations by taking the lead of a Supply Chain Department in…SlovENIA.!!! Since my first experience abroad, I was thinking about a new experience. To work and live abroad is demanding on one hand. You need to adapt yourself to different culture wherever at work or on daily life. But on the other hand it is really rich experience. "